Thursday, January 29, 2009

Going away for the weekend

We're joining some slowtravel friends for a nice weekend get-away to Paso Robles. This is called the annual "slowbowl gtg/get-to-gether" but I don't think we will be watching the superbowl. There will be big potluck dinners on Friday and Saturday nights. Friday is the "lasagna smack-down". You can be sure there will be lots of great food and plenty of wine and of course laughter among about 45 slowtravellers.Two of the wineries we will be visiting are Midnight Cellars and Jada Vineyards. There are other wineries on the agenda as well Adelaida Cellars and Castoro. The slowtravel friends are coming from Canada, Missouri, Boston, Seattle, the Bay area and many more places far and near. I will hopefully be posting about this weekend in the upcoming days as well as telling you about "slow travel". Meanwhile I have pre-written a few posts to be automatically published while I am gone. I hope this works. Have a great weekend everyone!


Marta said...

I'm looking forward to meeting you in Paso. See ya tomorrow.

barb cabot said...

Marta, at long last. It will be wonderful to meet you.

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