Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Changing Season

That night was the turning point in the season
we had gone to bed in summer and
we awoke in autumn;
for summer passes into autumn
in some imaginable point of time
like the turning of a leaf-Thoreau


Kat said...

There's a nip in the air at night and early morning. Love it. I actually got a bit chilly riding my bike to tennis this morning. Nice.


Laurie said...

So, has your season changed yet out there? We were worried about flurries earlier this week and then today it was GORGEOUS again -- high 70's and sun.

barb cabot said...

No the seasons are fickled here. we never have those drastic changes to begin with but this year it seems like summer was late then it came and went and came again. Can't decide what season it really is.

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