Saturday, September 18, 2010

Maybe It's The Memories

Old town Monterossa, Le Cinque Terre summer 2007

Maybe it's the memories...

Barb and Athena's get-away to our favorite little spot in Monterossa...we love that village.

the change of the pace that brings us there
The sense of the vacation,
maybe the smell of the place,
the sight of the gulls, the dunes, the grasses,

but oh, it is the feel of it,

the crunch and the slide of it,

the feeling of beach sand, so different from
dirt, soil, loam. No not earthy, moist, rich

but oh so granular and gritty. Even when wet,
movable paper spreading under toes,
sliding beneath the soles, smoothing my skin,
clearing my mind, unburdening me of the rest.
Drawing me to the tactile,
the feel of the beach sand."

Beach Sand by Raymond A. Foss


nancyhol said...

Barb, I LOVE this post! You made it so personal.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

As my daughter is making decisions about a wedding at the beach... these are the thoughts that go through my mind.
You have such a beautiful way with words.

barb cabot said...

Sandi I know your daughters wedding is going to be exceptional and beautiful in every moving way. Thank you for the compliment about my way with words but these are not mine to take credit for. I do admire also people who can put words to paper in such a way that they become music to our ears.

Kat said...

Beautiful...your words, your photos, YOU and your daughter!


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