Saturday, September 4, 2010

Storing Up Some Summer Sunshine

"I wish we could put this late summer sunshine in jars. I can see how it would look
with the jars arranged in the fruit cellar. And on a dark January day we would bring
up a quart or so of sunshine and open it and smell again the warm dreamy air of a
late summer day." -Gladys Taber "The Book of Stillmeadow"


SS Firedancer said...

I love that idea I'm getting my canning jars ready.

Anonymous said...

One can't store up enough of that!

nancyhol said...

Great idea, Barb! A jar of sunshine!

Sandr said...

Oh what a wonderful idea, here in the rainy Pacific Northwest I could use a whole bunch of jars. Guess I better get busy. Love the idea!! Our trees are already starting to turn.

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