Friday, September 10, 2010

My Once a Year Rendezvous

For the past five years since my friend retired and I stopped teaching full time we rendezvous for breakfast on the first day of school each September. This year we picked a restaurant in Laguna Beach called "Las Brisas".*

Rather than take the freeway I decided to drive south from my home in Long Beach on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). PCH follows the coast line through all the beach towns and is a great drive.

There is a quiet, kind of joy driving along the ocean on an overcast day.

I left my house at 8 a.m.

The day was overcast. The words from Pablo Neruda's poem echoed in my mind..."The morning is full of storm" ...but there was no rain.

Drove past Main Street Seal Beach, Sunset beach and then thru Huntington. Each seaside town has its own special atmosphere. I love them all.

There were surfers at Huntington and Dog Beach.

Leaving Huntington and entering Newport Beach

Wish I could stop to take some photos of all the boats in the bay but must go onward to get to Laguna by 9:00.

Just beyond the Balboa Peninsula you will drive past Newport Beach's Fashion Island Mall. Can't stop to shop right now.

Heading past one of my old childhood favorite beaches, Corona Del Mar. This is such a nice little town, lots of little shops and restaurants.

Okay now leaving Newport Beach and nearing Crystal Cove. Have you been there? Crystal Cove is like a step back into a movie scene, with old beach shacks and a great little long ago artist colony setting. (One of these days I'll tell you about that place.)

I have arrived in Laguna and just parked up a long hill off Pacific Coast Highway. Here are some of the cute houses I passed.

There's so many things that catch my eye.

Pretty garden settings...

What's this guy doing in the front yard?

Las Brisas restaurant has a perfect location on Cliff drive

Arrived right on time to find my friend waiting for me. It's our once a year reunion and we have lots to catch up on. Time for a great buffet breakfast and we're hungry!

There's a beautiful patio setting

This is a perfect spot for drinks at sunset or lunch on a sunny summer day

Since it's cloudy outside there's no patio dining for us

Instead we are seated by the window with a view of the ocean

A pretty room with a view

Las Brisas has a great view of the ocean and the town of Laguna below

After a long and leisure breakfast it's time for a walk

There are tidepools to explore

Normally September days are still like summer here but the weather has been unpredictable this year. If today were a sunny day this beach would be full of sun bathers. Today we have it to ourselves.

Such a peaceful morning to walk on the beach.
And now it's time to head home.

What a great rendezvous we had. So my friend and I hug and wish each other well, promising to meet up again, same time next year!
click here for info on Las Brisas
wikipedia says this about Laguna:

"Laguna Beach is a seaside resort and artist community located in southern Orange County, California, United States... Its population was 23,727 at the 2000 census. It is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in southern California. The city is also known for its hotels, unique shops, restaurants, world famous art galleries, and art festivals."
Note: If you have never been to Laguna Beach you should put this on your list of places to visit. It's a really lovely place that I'm sure you will enjoy. For me it's a little piece of paradise close to home.


nancyhol said...

What a fun, relaxing morning! Good for you!

Nancy said...

I love that you took your camera and documented your beautiful morning. such great photos.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate life while other colleagues head off to work. :-)

I don't think that non-teaches can appreciate the joy that teachers feel when they finally break the academic cycle that has engulfed so much of their life! Your managed to break free in style - as always.

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