Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Day On Campus at UCLA May 2012

On Friday May 11, we spent a lovely afternoon on the campus of the University of California at Los Angeles aka UCLA.  

This is Knudesen Hall, the Physics building where I worked after graduation and where Mike studied and taught.  We met here long ago.  It remains a very special place on campus for me.

This is a very funny fountain in front of Knudsen hall.  It's called "The Inverted Fountain".

That's Courtney on the right in the orange dress.  She was on campus for her boyfriends graduation from Law school.  She was Athena's roommate in college. They were able to meet up at lunch. Great to see her again.

I walked this path toward north campus many times when I was a student.  Just past this building is the Art Department where I studied.

These sprawling lawns are the home of some very nice sculptures.  Students can study in a quiet and peaceful outdoor environment.

This is the UCLA Art Department, Dickson Hall (straight ahead)  and Gallery (on the left).

We prearranged to meet up with our friends Adam and Michael Morgenstern on campus. Remember their names they will be famous movie makers in the near future.

Adam (l) Michael (r).

In the early evening we all went to my sister's place in Santa Monica for drinks and dinner and lots of laughs and some surprises...

The biggest and best part of the night was my daughter Aria's surprise arrival about 9:30 pm. She flew in to spend the weekend with all of us. She hadn't seen her sister Athena since Athena's college graduation 2 years ago.  Aria lives in Madison Wisconsin and Athena lives in Sydney Australia.  It was the best gift for me  to have both my daughters home for Mother's Day weekend.


Nancy from OHIO said...

I just wanted you to know... that I do not comment very often but I do read your blog. You have beautiful pictures and lovey quotes. Please never stop... it is my morning pick me up! I also am from the Cleveland area. Actually I am having dinner tomorrow evening in Olmstead Falls. I believe you visit Bay Village, Westlake, Rocky River when you come back for a visit. I am so glad you had a nice Mother's Day... I did as well! Nancy from OHIO

Trekcapri said...

Hi Barb, Happy Belated Mother's Day. I also enjoy reading your blog because you have such inspirational posts. I'm glad that both your daughters were able to be with you and celebrate your special day.

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant day that was for you!!! How nice to have everyone together in the house again for a visit.

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