Friday, May 25, 2012

Heritage Park, Little India and the Batting Cages...OH MY

May 4th was a beautiful sunny day.  We decided to make our way to Heritage Park in Cerritos.  

Heritage Park

18600 Bloomfield Ave., Cerritos, CA 90703

When are daughters were young we always enjoyed bringing them to this park.  It feels like a miniature Bostonian town, some historical landmarks, a covered bridge takes you to the island where there are all kinds of slides, rope climbing apparatus and fun places for kids to play.

Not quite sure if we were ever going to see Mat again when he took the kiddie slide down the curved tube

  • It’s a FREE, public park.
  • It’s an island!  How cool is that?
  • The play equipment is built INSIDE the buildings! You can ride a tunnel slide from the top of the church.  You can climb through attics and across roof walkways for fun pretend play.
  • There are hidden slides and historical locations.
  • Don’t miss the pirate ship! Can you find the concrete canoe?
  • Look for ducks, geese, and turtles.
  • Hit the library and read up on Paul Revere’s ride before you come.
  • The Play Island is the real attraction, but there’s another playground off the island.  

There are plenty of surrounding areas off the island to play basketball, baseball, swing and picnic.  We brought our Bocce ball set and had alot of fun on the grassy area.
A friendly game of Bocce

Measuring distances to gather points

In nearby Artesia you will find "Little India" on Pioneer Blvd.   There are lots of wonderful Indian restaurants, shops and spice stores.  We went to "The India" restaurant for their buffet lunch.  It is great and very inexpensive.  We all ate too too much but it was delicious.

We headed home late afternoon for some quiet time and naps.

When our energy level returned we drove to the nearby batting cages at sunset.  Had a lot of fun  practicing our swings.  A good way to work off some of the calories we consumed at lunch.

Another great day with Mat and Athena!

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