Monday, May 14, 2012

A Lovely Mother's Day 2012

We began the day at Laguna Beach.
Wonderful to have our our daughters Aria and Athena home with us. 

Aria and Barb                            Mike and Athena

Mat and Athena

A wonderful day with 
both my girls home with us on Mother's Day 
May 2012.
 Color me very happy!

Dinner  with the family at Vino e Cucina

The lovely waiter and waitress are a married couple. It's a small world as Aria  just attended an Italian studies conference last weekend in Charleston and the waitress (a  a graduate student in Italian at UCLA) was also at the conference and Aria recognized her.  Really a fun encounter.
Here's some of the great food we had. Love Vino e Cucina.
A wonderful day with our family! I could not have wished for anything  better.
 Thanks to our girls and to Mike for making this happen.

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