Saturday, May 24, 2014

Making Discovery

An award-winning cartoonist and author, Lynda Barry, left (and as depicted by Barry herself at right), is now an associate professor of interdisciplinary creativity — a position that allows her to share a long-held belief: that art and science need not exist apart, that disciplines can intersect and enrich each other

“Anybody who wants to make a discovery of some sort has to push to the edge of the known — and then beyond — in order to make the mistake to make the discovery. Lynda Barry understands that deeply,” Richardson says. “The juicy stuff is in the unknown. There are a million other voices telling you, ‘No — don’t go over there,’ but Lynda’s on the other side with the megaphone saying, ‘Hey, you guys! Don’t forget — the good stuff’s over here!’ ”
* from the article about Lynda Barry "Creative License" by Marianne English  Spoon
Photo Jeff Miller

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