Monday, May 26, 2014

Open House Carver Elementary May 22, 2014

Last Thursday night many of my fellow Carver Cougar Alumni moms volunteered to help with an Open House event at our children's elementary school.  The event featured art work the students in 1st-5th grade had created in the "Meet the Masters Art Program".*  The alumni moms were on hand to greet the parents, to sell ice cream and to receive donations  as part of the fund raiser for the continuation of this program.  It was a wonderful time for all of us moms whose children went to this school years ago. Now most of our children are grown.  It was a fun night of fun, old friends and lots of good memories for a neighborhood school we all love.

L-R  Alumna nurse Judy, my friend and 1st grade teacher Lynda and me

Our principal Ms. Forrester, Ms. Dowlen and Susie another alumni mom who is also a teacher in the district
More wonderful Carver Cougar Moms

One of the featured artists: "Homer"

A wonderful turn-out of parents, students and family members

5th grade teacher Ms. Briand and me

The mural on the side of the Cafeteria

The new learning garden

A great night ends with another successful Open House at Carver.

Lynda and I head to nearby Fusion Sushi for some fun catch up time after a busy night at school.

A little R & R is in order

A great night. Cheers to all the teachers, students and staff and all the wonderful volunteer Carver Cougar moms.  We do love our neighborhood school, Carver Elementary!

* This is a program wherein four times a year a specific Master artist is featured at a school assembly.  There is a complete presentation given with props, slide show and lecture about the artist. In the past Picasso, Mary Cassatt, Monet, Frieda Kahlo and many others have been featured.  The teachers are then given an afterschool lesson on a grade appropriate art project in the style of the artist presented at the assembly.  In the week that follows each class room will be sent a basket of supplies for the art project and the students  will complete that project which can be represented in a variety of media. Sometimes it will be a paper collage or a drawing in pastels or a watercolor.  It is a great way to introduce not just a range of art materials but also wonderful lessons on various artists.

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nancy said...

Its because of our families that Carver is more than an elementary school! I've always said it is one of the best kept secrets in Long Beach. I am so grateful to be apart of this large family. Thanks Barbara for all you still do for us!

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