Monday, May 5, 2014

Planting Sweet Peas

Every year when I was growing up my dad planted sweet peas by the side of our house.  They were just opposite our kitchen window so in the evening when I'd do the dinner dishes I could gaze out the window and look at all the wonderful sweet pea flowers.  I loved picking them and smelling the blossoms. Whenever I see sweet peas I think of him. So this year I am planting sweet peas in my garden. It's the first time I've ever done this.  Here's what the little string trellis looks like. I planted three kinds of sweet peas so it will be interesting to see how they will differ from each other.

These Moroccan Spice Sweet Peas were sent to me from my cousin Nancy. They are planted in the first section to the left of the trellis

In the middle section I planted this brand of sweet peas

On the left side of the trellis I planted these called "April in Paris"

I'll post photos as the sweet peas grow to share the differences in these flowers.  I think my dad would be very happy with my efforts.  Thinking of my father every day that I go out to the garden to see the sweet peas grow.


Unknown said...

Hi! Just happened upon your blog. I just planted some of those Moroccan blend sweet peas and was wondering what they might look like/how they'd grow. Would you be able to post a pic?


barb cabot said...

Dear unknown
So far no blossoms but the vines are coming up nicely compared to the middle section which was "David"s mammoth choice" which are not doing well at all>I will do a follow up with pictures as soon as their are blossoms>

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