Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Fun Day With My Cousin Nancy Part 1

 My cousin Nancy and I had a nice adventure. We were looking for a local theater that was showing the movie "Joy". The only place I could find this film still showing was at the Regency Center theater* in Huntington Beach.

Local peeps you may know about this hidden gem but I had never been there. They show films that have been out for awhile thus they charge only $3.00 for a ticket!

 That's the regular price all day all night. On Sundays it's $1.50.

Wednesday date night special after 6 pm : $10.00 for two people plus two drinks and two popcorns.

 Hot dogs if you are so inclined are $1.00. We opted for Wahoo Fish tacos across the street for $3.00.

 The theater has no stadium seating but the screens are large, chairs are comfortable and it's a very nice theater. Parking in the indoor structure is free and plentiful. This is a new found gem in my book. After the movie we went to Charming Charlies** nearby so I could get a blingy watch for my trip.

 The adventure continued on through the night....more fun to come. See tomorrow's post.

*Regency Charter Center Theater
 Address: 7822 Warner Ave. Huntington Beach, Ca. 92647
Phone (714) 596-34-56

** Charming Charlies
18595 Main Street, Huntington Beach, Ca. 92648

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