Thursday, February 4, 2016

More Celebrations In January

There was so much going on during the holidays and in the month to follow I didn't get a chance to blog about the many wonderful things we did.  Here are some catch up photos of my birthday celebrations in January.

Aria, Daniele and Sofia were with us after the Christmas holidays until January 7th. So it was especially nice to celebrate my birthday with them on the 4th. 

 When we were about to leave for a morning meet up with my friends,  I opened the door and found these flowers had been dropped off by my friend Lynda.  Such a bright and cheery present to start off the day! Thank you sweet Lynda!

 Aria, Sofia and I met up with my friends Judy and Isa at Aroma di Roma in the morning.

  Coffee, sweet treats, and lovely birthday surprises were a wonderful way to start the day.

 Plus all the girls got a chance to see Aria and meet Sofia.

 Grazie Mille Judy and Isa.  Best birthday breakfast and a wonderful start to my day.

 Ciao, Ciao now we are off to pick up Daniele and have a birthday lunch with my cousin Nancy and Uncle Renso.

 Sofia was well entertained by "Auntie Nancy"

 I had fun working on the jigsaw puzzle

 Daniele enjoyed talking with Uncle Renso
 Nancy kept Sofia entertained
 We feasted on great Italian deli sandwiches and pasta salad

Nancy baked me a beautiful flourless chocolate cake

 and she gifted me with one of her beautiful water color paintings. This one is a beautiful persimmon painting.
 What a wonderful afternoon with family.  Thank you Nancy and Uncle Renso. 

When we got home I found another gift on the front porch. This one left by my dear friend Tracy.  Thank you Tracy!  That was such a nice surprise.

In the evening Aria, Daniele and Sofia treated us to a wonderful dinner at the Fish Company in Los Alamitos.  

 Yummy clam chowder and lobster bisque soups

 Sofia helps me make a birthday wish

 What a perfect birthday for me to be surrounded by my family!
Home to open gifts and tons of cards which I will post tomorrow.
Thank you Aria, Daniele, Sofia and Mike.  A wonderfully perfect Birthday!

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