Friday, February 19, 2016

A Special Italian Treat in Redondo Beach

 My friend Daiana originally from Italy,  had suggested that we meet up at a newly opened Italian Coffee bar/cafe in Redondo Beach called "Roman Aroma".

She said it was a wonderful place, truly authentic with really good
coffee, pastries, tramezzini (sandwiches), gelato and foccacia.  

Who could resist that? 

So we gathered friends this week and visited Roman Aroma.  

The  sleek, and beautifully designed interior of this cafe/bar is simply grand. 


The charming owner Francesco Martone is from Rome and his
"Roman Aroma" truly brings the essence and flavor of his beloved country to the South Bay for all of us to enjoy. 

Everything I tried here was an authentic taste of Italy. So-oo good I can hardly wait to go back for more. Try these cream filled Cannoli. I am in love with them!

Savory foccacia with mushroom, eggplant and various toppings are served.

A variety of sweets to enjoy including tiramisu, gelato and other daily pastry surprises.

They also sell many wonderful imported Italian food products.

 Lots of wonderful seating on the outdoor patio and there is plenty of free parking behind the building.

Service was attentive.

A lovely way to relax with friends.

Give yourselves a special treat. 
Visit Roman Aroma in Redondo Beach.  

 This place is not to be missed!


1 comment:

Daia said...

Beautifully written and photographed!

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