Monday, September 19, 2016

A Brief Chat With My Mother

 Since we have been speaking of the lost art of writing letters in my book club the idea of the value of letter writing had been much discussed.  Lots of thoughts on seeing the signature or handwriting of a loved one; ways we end or begin letters, from:  "To Whom It May Concern"  to "Dearest"...from "Sincerely yours," to  "Fondest regards"  to "Forever Yours".  Of course there were perfumed love letters and envelopes sealed with a kiss or sealed with some sealing wax which has been personalized and impressed with an initial or a small design.  So many memories people share about the importance of a handwritten letter.

In going through some old collections of papers last night I found a letter and a postcard that my mother had written to me in the summer of 1985 from their vacation in China. So many interesting revelations of a country newly opened to tourism. To hold a letter written in my mother's hand and to read her words felt like she was sitting next to me talking. When she wrote about what "daddy and I saw" it brought tears to my eyes. It was as though I had my parents back with me for a brief precious moment. As though my mother was sitting next to me, sharing her experience. It brought a greater appreciation of the handwritten note. Had this been an email written it would have been lost to time. I loved holding that envelope addressed to Barbara, Mike and Aria  (who was then only one year old.) A little hidden treasure uncovered last night. A brief little chat with my mom.

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