Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Jessica's Baby Shower

 On Sunday September 19th I attended a baby shower for  Jessica ,  a dear friend of my daughter Aria since Kindergarten. I have had the pleasure of watching Jessica grow up along with her three brothers, attend her wedding and now happily anticipate the birth of her first child. Our families have been friends for many wonderful years. 

   Jessica's Aunt Sue pictured above on the left did a wonderful job of planning a beautiful afternoon  shower along with Jessica's mom Annette on the far right.  Pictured in the middle is Jessica's sister in law Alison.

The ocean themed shower was adorable. Jessica's Aunt Sue went to great lengths to make everything 
picture perfect. 

Guests were each given a blue ocean block with a letter from the alphabet.  The capital and lower case letter were to be written on one side and pictures beginning with the assigned letter were to be drawn or words written on the other sides.  

 Aunt Sue welcomes everyone and invites us to sign the guest book with special messages to be read to Baby K through the years.

 There was a basket of late night diapers for the mommy to be. We needed to write a little "funny" saying on the diapers.

 Lots of  mom's from Jessica's grammar school, "Carver" were on hand to welcome Baby to be. We can't wait to hold him.

 Many friends and family in attendance...

  Auntie Donna in charge of wonderful desserts! 

A surprise visit from "Grandma Lenny"!

 Long ago when Jessica and her fellow girlscouts were having a Halloween costume party at their leader Darlene's home Grandma "Lenny" (Darlene's husband) showed up and the girls went crazy laughing and carrying on.  From then on, throughout the years Jessica always referred to Darlene's husband as "Grandma". 
So what would a baby shower be without Grandma making an appearance? 

 Pictured above Annette (Jessica's mom), Darlene with her husband "Grandma Lenny", mommy-to-be Jessica and me.  All the moms here were girl scout leaders for Troop 350. Now Grandma Lenny will become "Great-Grandma"!

The fun and laughter continues with lots of games.

Guess the baby food:

Fill in the blanks for nursery rhymes:
 Prizes galore for guests in the know
Time for presents for baby K!

 Mommy Jessica and Daddy Rick open gifts together

 Jessica's mom Annette made a beautiful "ocean themed wave" quilt for the baby. It's beautiful and made with so much love.

 A wonderful day "showering" this mommy-to-be with love!

Jessica you are going to make a fantastic mommy!  We can't wait to meet your son!

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