Friday, September 30, 2016

"Take An Artist Home To Dinner"

In the 1970's while I was a student at UCLA I often saw a sign which appeared throughout campus. It said, "Take an artist home to dinner."  Being an art student myself  this sign amused me. I thought it was a great idea.  Last Saturday night I was reminded of that request as my good friend Mary hosted a lovely dinner party.  She had invited many of her artist friends whom she had gone to school with at Otis Art Institute to dinner Saturday eve.  Her friend Stuart, a wonderful artist living in Santa Fe, New Mexico was in town for a visit. A perfect time for Mary to gather their mutual artist friends for a reunion. My husband and I were fortunate to have been included in the mix. As usual, Mary outdid herself with a beautiful array of wonderful food.  It was a lovely party with many interesting old and new acquaintances and friends. Indeed, taking an artist home to dinner is a brilliant idea!

 Guest of honor Stuart and our hostess with the mostest, Mary.

 Had a great time talking with this young Austrian artist Kasper who just happens to work at the same college as my son in laws brother.  It's a small world!

 Daughter Alison with mom Betye Saar both accomplished artists


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