Friday, January 13, 2017

A Good Time In Pasadena With Mary and David

Since I was in Pasadena yesterday for Janie Chang's book launching at Vroman's book store. My friends Mary and Dave who were with me and live is the area suggested we have a Thai dinner at Soladang restaurant.  It's a lovely restaurant with high ceilings. Since we arrived at sunset and it was a rainy week night we had the whole place to ourselves at the beginning of the meal. Soon it started to fill up but it remained a peaceful quiet atmosphere to dine.

After dinner we arrived at Vroman's in time to browse this wonderful book store and buy our copies of Janie's book "Dragon Springs Road".

 After Janie's talk there was time for book signing

Mary and Dave asked me if I wanted a hot fudge sundae and of course I said "YES!"

So we drove to a wonderful 50's diner in their neighborhood called "Twoheys".  

Mmmm a deelicious bittersweet hotfudge sundae.
Thanks so much Mary and Dave. What a fun night spent with two great friends. 


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