Friday, January 20, 2017

Not Just About A Book Club Reads "Orhan's Inheritance"

Our book club met January 19th to discuss an historical novel written by Aline Ohanesian entitled "Orhan's Inheritance". Much like the famed Turkish rugs this story weaves an intricate tale. One which speaks of the  tumultuous history of the Turks and Armenians in the early part of the Century and the effect of this time on two families in particular. It is a story of  hidden secrets, generational divides, honor, love, and redemption. 

Our book club member Jeanette who is of Armenian heritage chose this book and hosted our meeting at her home. 

Jeanette shared so many special aspects of her Armenian family traditions, food and culture.
The national flag of Armenia consists of three horizontal bands of equal width, red, blue and orange.  

Pomagranates are visible in many forms in Jeanette's home.   She made a refreshing champagne and Pomagranate juice drink for us and also served Armenian pomagranate wine.

I learned that the pomangranate is the fruit of Armenia. The pomegranate has a prominent role in the  expressive representations in Armenian art, mythology, literature, movies, fashion, and cuisine. In Armenian mythology the pomegranate symbolizes abundance, happiness, marriage and prosperity. Jeanette has a delightful collection of pomagranates in her home.

 Even on her apron!
We all enjoyed a fabulous array of Armenian food that Jeanette and her daughter had made. Jeanette described each dish and showed us how certain things are combined and eaten.

We had a lively and interesting exchange of questions and ideas about this book...

Jeanette had planned a very special surprise for us after we had begun discussing the book. She said she had arranged a skype interview with the author herself, Aline Ohanesian! We were so surprised and thrilled
 Ms. Ohanesian was so gracious, giving us insight into her eight years of research and writing of this historical novel.  Many many thanks to her for the time she spent sharing her story with us. 

Of course there was a dessert to be shared
  delicious baklava made by Jeanette!
What an interesting and most wonderful experience. Thank you Jeanette for such a great book club get together.

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