Thursday, January 12, 2017

Finally Meeting Janie Chang

 It was so fortunate that I received a message from my friend Janie Chang that she would be in town Wednesday, January 11th (last night) at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena speaking about her latest newly published historical novel "Dragon Springs Road".   Her book tour had just begun and  would bring her to the Los Angeles area. Immediately, I knew I had to attend.  

 It was wonderful to be at Vroman's bookstore again.  It is a store I've known since childhood and it's one of the last, truly wonderful bookstores around.
    I arrived early with my two friends Mary and David who live in the Pasadena area. I was so excited to finally meet Janie. We have been virtual friends though an association with a group of Slowtravel enthusiasts.  I have followed her writing endeavors for several years and happily celebrated the publication of her first novel "Three Souls" a few years ago.  It was such a happy occasion to finally meet  a "New" old friend.  

Great to hear Janie speak about her novel, listen as she read some passages from her book and to hear her share thoughts on  the writing process and how "Dragon Spring Road" came to be a story she wanted to tell.

  Happy to have my special signed copy of Janie's newest book.

 So wonderful to finally meet you my friend, Janie Chang!

 "Dragon Springs Road" is described  by " From the author of Three Souls comes a vividly imagined and haunting new novel set in early 20th century Shanghai—a story of friendship, heartbreak, and history that follows a young Eurasian orphan’s search for her long-lost mother."

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