Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Puzzle Re-Connections

So this is a story about how a jigsaw puzzle can work some magic. In the fall i posted a picture on facebook of a Halloween puzzle that I had finished. I asked if anyone wanted it. I got two responses.

 The first from my friend Francesca who got first dibs but she was in Italy and wasn't returning until January. Out of the blue my friend Michelle also said she loved puzzles and said she'd like to try this one. Michelle and I had worked together in the school district for a long time but we had not seen each other in years. I explained I could drop the puzzle off on her doorstep but would need it back eventually. Well we tried getting together for the last two months but so many things prevented us from seeing each other until today. 

So great that this puzzle made a long delayed reunion of many years possible. Like magic. Loved seeing this beautiful friend. 

Great catching up on old Carver memories. 

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