Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Graduation Festivities Madison, Wisconsin May 10-15, 2017 part 1

In the next few posts I will try to recap how we celebrated with family and friends the Graduation of Aria and Daniele. Both received their Ph. D.'s in a Commencement ceremony which took place on Friday May 12th.  Mike's brother Rocky and his wife Mary and daughter Amanda were able to drive from Ohio to join in the fun. My sister Jocelyn, my husband Mike  and I flew into Milwaukee and rented a car there to drive to Madison. Aria, Daniele and Sofia arrived the same day we did on Wednesday May 10th. They drove from Kirksville Missouri. We had rented a home on the Lake for the whole family to be together.  It was a wonderful time of celebration for us all.

Aria, Daniele and Sofia arrived before us and went grocery shopping and ordered pizza for dinner.  We arrived around 6:30 Wednesday May 10th. It rained most of the way from the airport to the house on the lake. 

 The house was great with a beautiful view 

 We had fun with Sofia. Auntie Joce captured her interest with her handy Ipad 

 Pizza time

 Time to turn in...tomorrow Rocky, Mary and Amanda arrive

 The beautiful lake also captured Sofia's gazes.

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