Thursday, June 22, 2017

Holidays in Kauai Day 5 From Hindu Monasteries to River Boat Cruises

March 31, 2017  Day 5-
We drive south to Kapa'a to the Hindu Monastery. Stopping along the way to take in the scenic overlooks and the waterfalls.

 At the Hindu Monastery all guests must wear sarongs which they provide

 The grounds are very beautiful and serene

 Lunchtime in Kapa'a.  Heading for the food trucks by the beach.

 I took this photo for Athena because the other day we stopped at a place because she said she thought it said "Happy Snacks" but in reality it said "Happy Shack".  Today I found a sign that said "Happy Snacks"  right up Athena's alley.

Time for our Smith Family boat ride on Wailua river to the Fern Grotto

Wonderful group of singers made us laugh and feel happy
 Some Hawaiian dancing with the music

 We danced a little too

 One of the musicians was an extra in the Elvis Presley movie Blue Hawaii filmed inKauai in the early 1960's . He is pictured above in the orange shirt next to the girl. His name is Uncle Willie and here he is today.
 We made him laugh because we told him we had just watched Blue Hawaii the night before and remembered him blowing the conch shell.

 Before heading home we stop in Kapa'a for a shave ice at the famous Hee Fat General Store.

 We drive to Hanalei and walk on the pier to watch the sunset.

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