Thursday, February 12, 2009

Expressing your love in Italian

Again I must apologize as I do not know who to credit the following translations. I belong to several italian language internet sites which send me daily and/or weekly messages. This is one that I saved. The following are ways to express your feelings for someone in italian:

Mi piaci - I like you
This is a non-committing assertion.

Over time you could raise it a little by saying:
Mi piaci tanto - I like you a lot.

Ti aspetto - I'll be waiting for you
Some variances of this phrase:
Aspetto la tua chiamata - I'll be waiting for you call;

As we live in the Internet age:
Aspetto il tuo email - I'll be waiting for your email.

Non vedo l'ora di vederti - I look forward to see you You can use this sentence for regular friends too.
Or you can add this after Mi piaci or Ti aspetto.

Mi manchi - I miss you
A stronger variance: Mi manchi tanto - I miss you a lot

Ti mando un bacio - I'm sending you a kiss
Nice closing for an email or phone communication. Not to be said in person, as at that point, you can just kiss your loved one.

Ti voglio bene - I care for you
There is no precise translation in English for it.
You could use it with a friend to express friendship love, or with somebody you love but you are not ready yet for the more intimate declaration I love you.
Widely used in Italy, it can be abbreviated in text messages as TVB.

Mi sto innamorando di te - I'm falling in love with you
Another variance is Mi sono innamorato di te (said by a male) or
Mi sono innamorata di te (said by a female) and they both mean I (already) fell in love with you.

Ti amo - I love you This is the intimate and romantic expression of love.
You'll not use it with a relative or friend. In that case it's more appropriate:
Ti voglio bene.


Sandrac said...

Lovely, Barb! I especially like TVB (I know, text-message abbreviations won't cut it in Italian class.)

A wonderful take on the Valentine's Day sentiment.

Marcia said...

Very nice, Barb. I shall share con mi amore.

Heather said...

I'll have to try a few of these this weekend!
I wanted to drop by and say hello and let you know that you won a drawing over at my blog. I just need your address to send your gift to. Thank you so much for visiting...Have a wonderful weekend!

.Macri.Photography. said...

BARB! You WON my OWOH giveaway! Yaaaaaay! Please visit the post again at and email me at to let me know which print you'd like...and your address too!

girasoli said...

I love this post. I have known a few ways but now I will be prepared when I meet my handsome prince in Italy :) Next step is meeting him!

Chiocciola said...

Romantic words in a romantic language... ah... It is great that you are taking your Italian studies so seriously!

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