Saturday, March 7, 2009

2009 The Year of the Ox

"The year of the rat played some foolish games~suffice to say "twas a crying shame" ~ Enter this year of the OX~ with a ray of hope~slow but sure~we will learn to cope~We will endure~let not the grass grow beneath your feet~Well I'll be damned~ YES WE CAN!"
-image and words Nancy Enkoji

"In the absence of certainties

there is the presence

of possibilities

and there are


well worth waiting for"

-Jacques Jimenez


girasoli said...

I am very behind this week... just starting to catch up. Cool post! I really love the second quote (like the first one too but love the second one).

Menehune said...

Yes and yes - to Nancy and to Jacques! Love his philosophy..have a great weekend! menehune

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the honor of being in your blog.
Glad you found the author of the quote.

barb cabot said...

Nancy, the honor is MINE!

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