Friday, March 20, 2009

The Starling Diner-Belmont Heights, Long Beach

I had to get up early yesterday for my annual mammogram and dexascan check-up. This is a hint for all of you ladies...if you haven't made your yearly check-up please do it. I was finished by 8:30. To be honest my morale has been dragging abit these days and that's unusual for me. My posts are for the most part about being positive because that's the way I want to lead my life. Lately, though, because of reflecting on the loss of my mom and of now letting go of the family home I've been feeling a bit sad, well more than a bit... alot. It's only natural I think and I've allowed myself this time to feel the blues. Anyway, yesterday, after the early morning appointment I wanted to treat myself to breakfast out. I thought about some girlfriends and wondered if I should make an impromptu call to see if they'd like to join me. Then I thought, "no", today feels like a quiet "me" day. I've never been one to mind going to a restaurant to eat alone or take in a movie alone. Sometimes it feels okay to be in the company of fact sometimes I need it. I knew just the place to go. The "Starling Diner". Here is the website, take a peek:

This is a little of what is written about the diner:
"Neighborhoods are better served when there are places where neighbors, families and friends can casually gather over a cup of coffee, a good meal or a glass of wine. That’s where Starling comes in.
Created by and staffed by people who love and live in Long Beach, we’ve come together because it is important to us that neighborhood joints exist and thrive. A place to think, have a bite to eat and a table to spread out the Sunday paper is- in our minds- a necessity for the pursuit of happiness.
Belmont Heights is perfect for a place like Starling. People know their neighbors, they take walks and they know good food when they taste it. Come on in, dine in comfort and meet some of the other people that live in your part of the world.
Starling has landed in your backyard. Enjoy yourself-your table is waiting…"

I love this place. If you are in Long Beach go here for wonderful food, lovely simple ambiance and well prepared food at affordable prices. (Presentations of food are lovely). I had the most relaxing morning. It made me so happy to be in a place that feels like you're at home. I had a magazine to read, a good cup of steaming hot coffee (waitresses are so wonderful and refill your cup without you asking). The music was so beautiful too. I had to ask what cd it was and I was brought the cd cover. "Celso Fonseca Natural". The post that follows is a YouTube sample of what I heard this morning. So imagine my happiness as I sat in a great little cozy neighborhood diner, room filled with soft bossa nova tunes, hot coffee, my freshly baked scones with lemon curd and a big breakfast. Who could stay blue for long with this kind of beginning to the day? Life is full of just have to find yours.


jdeq said...

You've had a challenging patch lately - so many changes and letting go. Youve done well to keep your cheerful disposition alive through it all!

Thanks for posting about this restaurant - it looks great. Something to check out when I am next in the area.

Marcia said...

First of all, with all that you have been through with your father's declining health and that big, big decision with the house that led to all the sorting and packing, you have every right to be a bit melancholy - and here's the best place to let it out.

Second, love the look of the diner and I would love to have breakfast with you some morning when I am on school break - a summer date?

Laurie said...

I'm glad you're taking care of yourself. That restaurant sounds like just what you needed.

barb cabot said...

Jdeq, Marcia, Laurie: Thanks for your words of support.

Marcia, definitely would love to make a summer date for the Starling. I'm looking forward to that.

Anonymous said...

Barb, I'm sorry it's been hard.. I know I've been there too.. when all the sorting from the last 40 years is done in a few weeks. Every item having some kind of small memory, that can't be thrown out. It's very draining, but in the end very cleansing too. Your so lucky to still have your dad around to see and converse with.The restaurant looks wonderful.. is it the old 3rd street restaurant? We must go. take care and keep writing.. Love, Lynda

barb cabot said...

Lynda, yes, it's the old 3rd St. Cafe. I'd love to go with you. Do go whenever you can because I think it's important to get the word out so that special places like this thrive and do well. We have to support them. It's such a charming place.

Mary in Umbria said...

Hello Barb,
Lovely looking gourmet diner, so close to where I spent so many summers with the children. I grew up in Park Estates but mother moved to the 200 block of Roycroft Ave. where we spent all those wonderful summers when we came over from Italy. I also enjoyed Belmont Heights more than Belmont Shore.
I have not been back to my "stomping grounds" since 1989!
Sorry about your loss and the house decision. I KNOW that feeling - so hard.
All the best.

barb cabot said...

Mary, so nice to hear from you. Funny how you used to live so close to me. I love the Park Estates area and I also love the Belmont Hts. area. Now you are in Umbria. I wish I was your neighbor there. Take care.

Alexandra said...

Yum!!! I'm going here today! Can't wait!


Alexandra said...

Yum!!! I'm going here today! Can't wait!


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