Thursday, February 3, 2011

Always Time For You

Painting by Janet Hill

"Tea pot is on, the cups are waiting. Favorite chairs anticipating.

No matter what I have to do, my friend there's always time for you."-unknown


Kat said...

Sweet photo and quote. Gosh, I wish I COULD join you for some tea and sweets and time for chatting.


barb cabot said...

Kat, that would be so very very nice.

Linda W said...

Last night I had fennel tea (for the first time) and cranberry loaf. Mmmm delicious...there is nothing like hot tea and a warm chat with friends.

barb cabot said...

I've never had fennel tea before. I'll have to put that on my list. I love jasmine tea and I love cranberry bread. Sounds like you had a nice tea time Linda.

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