Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy 27th Birthday ARIA!

To our Birthday Girlie!

We decided to give you a big party today!
Come right this way...

Happy Birthday to you.
Even the miles between us could not keep us apart...

We've found a perfect spot to have the celebration.
Here it is:

Follow the blossoms...

Brought some bling for you.
What's a birthday without a little bling?

And don't forget to pick out your birthday Crown!

Thought some of these luminarias add a nice touch.
All your loved ones will be inside.

Candlelight is a nice touch don't you think?

Tons of the bubbly for our girlie.
This is going to be a PARTYYYYYY!

When you see your cake make many wishes and blow out all those 27 candles!

We'll serve you the first piece of cake.

Ciao Bella! How 'bout some ice cream too, oh of course a scoop of each!

We wanted everything to be filled with flowers and brilliant color.

Here's a nice spot for you to relax with your guests.
Take a seat, enjoy your party and dream about all the great things that await you in
the year to come.

Remember always that we love you with all our heart.

Sending you a great big birthday hug! Have a wonderful birthday Aria. May your 27th year be filled with magical, joyful adventures and may your life continue to be filled with light and love.

1 comment:

Dawn said...

What a beautiful girl and a fabulous post for her Birthday - I would be thrilled to be honored in such a way xx

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