Friday, February 17, 2017

Slowbowl 2017 - A Slowtravel Get together in Lompoc California Part 1

An almost annual event called Slowbowl which falls on SuperBowl weekend is a gathering of "Slowtravel Friends" from across the U.S. often including friends from Canada and European countries.  This year on Superbowl weekend (February 3-4-5) about 70 slowtravel friends met in Lompoc, California for a wonderful reunion, much laughter, fun, food, wine tastings and assorted merry adventures. This year as in all Slowbowl gatherings of the past, our skipper, Shannon arranged and orchestrated this wonderful event.
 Shannon, our "Skipper/organizer extraordinaire"  (l) and Beth (r) Photo by W.& R. Mari

Friday February 3 
The drive to Lompoc started with rain but as we neared our destination the sun came out.

 Shannon has arranged a block of rooms for many slowtravelers at O'Cairns Inn and Suites. We arrived mid afternoon on Friday.
 The party on Friday night was held at a lovely Airbnb rental at 5 P.M.  

Pictured here is the wonderful host/owner Darlene of this Airbnb.

The Friday kick-off festivities:
 Shannon was busy mixing margaritas.

 Lots of fun with these bartenders... Paul and Jerry from Canada

 Photo by K. Colobong

 It was a wonderful evening of great reunions for old friends and a time to meet friends that I had known virtually on the travel message boards of

                        (Deborah from St. Louis, Barb, Marcia from Sacramento)

                                                       Margaret and Andrew from Missouri                                                                    

                                   Roz and Mike from Napa


Photo by Wendy and Rob

 Friday night Tacos from Scratch Kitchen Cart
 photos by Rob                  Alan from New Mexico

 The owner of the Airbnb, Darlene was warm and welcoming. What lovely accommodations.* Thank you Darlene for a wonderful weekend of parties at your lovely Victorian home.

                            Photo by Wendy and Rob

                                                                     photo by Roz    (l-r Barb, Colleen from Boston,  Marta from                                                                        Washington)

 So many little time, but tomorrow is another day!  A great start to a wonderful weekend.

*Airbnb Hosts Harvey and Darlene (wonderful, warm and welcoming accommodations-highly recommend)
309 North N Street
Lompoc California

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Trekcapri said...

Hi Barb, wonderful photos and read. It was so great to finally meet you and your husband Mike after so many years of knowing you on SlowTravel/SlowEurope. I had a great time meeting you and all the slow travelers I've followed over the years. You and everyone are as nice in person as you are on the forums.

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