Friday, February 3, 2017

Time for SlowBowl 2017

My slowtravel group has "get togethers" aka "GTG'S" all over the United States and just about any place that people travel. Slowtravelers like to travel of course but we also like to travel slowly, absorbing as much as we can from the areas we visit. This group met some years ago on a travel forum called  I joined in 2008.  Throughout the years I have met many slowtravelers at GTG's around the country and in fact have met international slowtravelers too.   I've also attended a nearly annual gathering during Superbowl weekend.  We call  these weekends "Slowbowl" and we spend the weekend in various areas exploring wineries and wonderful evening parties.  We are normally a group ranging in size 30-50 people. This year there will be approximately 70 of us from all parts of the United States  (Alaska, Washington, Missouri, Georgia, Massachusetts, up and down California and many more places)and Canada. Today we leave for our Slowbowl weekend in Lompoc California exploring the regional vineyards and wine tasting rooms of that area. I will post about this weekend when I return. Meanwhile here are some links to Slowbowls of the past.  I'm so excited to see my slowtravel friends.

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Lynda said...

Have a wonderful time! Eat,drink and be merry!

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