Sunday, February 19, 2017

Slowbowl Part 3 - The Wine Ghetto

 Saturday, February 4, 2017

Our skipper, Shannon Essa* had arranged for our group of 50-70 slowtraveler friends (from all over the U.S. and Canada)  to enjoy wine tastings at the Lompoc Wine Ghetto.  The Wine Ghetto located in the heart of the city of Lompoc. The Wine Ghetto has 20 boutique tasting rooms to choose from. Our wine tastings hours were from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Here's a little peek at our super fun day at the Wine Ghetto.

 "Flying Goat" Tasting Room  photo by Kathy Colobong

 Mike, Roz, (Napa), Ruth (NoCal) photo by Wendy & Rob

 Marcia and David by Wendy

 Mike and Greg

 Eden, Kathy (NoCal) Freda (North Carolina) photo by Kathy Colobong

 Irene (Missouri) and Mindy(Boston)  photo by Wendy & Rob
 Andrew( St. Joseph, Missouri) ,Marta (Washington)  and Kathy (South Bay California)  photo by Wendy and Rob

Rose, Gay, Cheri, Lou photo by Wendy

 Lovely Irene and Barb

  Scott and Cindy (Alaska) photo by Wendy and Rob

 Ed, Rob and Mike, the California connection

 Mindy (Boston), Sharon (NoCal) Colleen (Boston)

Chris and Tracy (SoCal) photo by Wendy

 Rob and Wendy

 Paul and Jerry (the boys from Canada) 

Sandi (our Georgia peach) and Barb photo by Wendy

 Cindy Ruth (Alaska), Freda (No. Carolina), Jane (San Diego) Kathy (SoCal) "Girls with Tatts" photo by Wendy & Rob

 B.J., Alan (New Mexico) , Tery (SoCal) 
 Kathy and Simon by way of Australia  (SoCal)

Wendy (Monterey), Jerry, Paul (Canada), Sandi (Georgia), Marcia (Sacramento) photo by Rob

  Food was available on site with Filipino and Asian fusion dishes from the food truck: Island Mixs.

 Photo by Mindy

 Photo by Wendy

 Wendy as seen through the eyes of Rob

                                                       Keith and Beth (So Cal)

 Photo by Roz

 Photo by Kathy Colobong

 Jen from Missouri photo by Wendy

                                              Marcia and Deborah photo by Wendy

"Shannon and Marta" Photo by Kathy Colobong

 Sharon and Ed by Wendy

                                            Cheers!  photos by Rob (there he is in the mirror reflection!)
 Mindy holding Pokey and Chris


 Lee Ann (SoCal), Colleen (Boston) photo by Mindy

 Tasting rooms included were: Montemar, Palmina, Holus Bolus, Millennial Wines, Tast of Sta. Rita Hills & Moretti, JCR Vineyards, Flying Goat Cellers, Ampelos Cellars, Stolpman, , Pali wines, Artisan Uprising and La Montagne Winery.  So many wines, so little time. Of course everyone wandered and tasted freely and with such a large group we were instructed to split up and move about as we wished.

 A special massive thank you to Shannon Essa, who organized our wine ghetto tour and the whole Slowbowl weekend. She is beyond wonderful.  THANK YOU SHANNON!

*Shannon Essa is founder and leader of Grape Hops tours. See her website for more information about exciting tours she leads throughout Europe.  I highly recommend her tours.  She is simply the best tour guide.

 Many thanks to fellow slowtravelers who shared their great photos with me for this and other weekend slowbowl posts. I tried to credit everyone but if I missed some of your photos forgive me. Thank you for your gracious permission to post your pictures.

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Trekcapri said...

Hi Barb, wow this is such a wonderful post and what a great collection of special memories here. I loved all of them. I agree with you about Shannon's amazing job organizing this great event. You can tell that she loves what she does and she especially loves to have others have the best time too. Many thanks to her and to you for creating this wonderful memory. I was so happy to have finally met you, Mike and all the wonderful Slow Travelers.

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