Saturday, February 7, 2009

SlowBowl Festivities continue: Saturday

Mike and I got up early Saturday morning. We drove the short stretch of country road, Hwy 46, to the quaint little coastal community of Cambria a short 20 minutes from Paso Robles. There we had a leisure breakfast at Linn's Bakery and then headed across the road to Moonstone Beach.

We met up with the Slowtravellers at Midnight Cellars Winery at 11:30

Everyone had fun wine tasting inside

Look at these great snacks lovely enough for Royalty that Wendy, Jerry and Paul provided

Our 2nd winery visit was at 1:30 to the lovely setting at JADA. They paired cheeses with all their wines. We had the whole deck to ourselves with breath-taking views in all directions of the lovely vineyards surrounding the winery.

Alex, the two Mikes, and Ken

Dan contemplating all the choices

Brad from Palm Desert, Scott and Ann from Seattle

The more wine I drink the better my Danish gets. Alessia is so patient.

Dinner at the cottage. Another feast.

Look at Palma's beautiful Toffee caramel cheesecake

and her lemon filled lemon glazed cookies!

Ann and Barb

Brad and Scott having some fun

Mike and Dan relaxing

Jane, Nancy, Joanne and Deborah (the liquer/hootch master)

Deborah from St. Louis packed 12 bottles of home made liquors for a special sampling after dinner. Some flavors were lime, russian tea, sundried tomatoes and witches brew. Mike was very impressed and tried them all but his favorite was Russian tea.

What a great week-end we had at SlowBowl 2009! Cheers to All!

Heading home on Sunday.
Note: Most all photographs on this post were taken by various slowtravellers Palma, Wendy, CathyT, Jerry, Marcy and others. Thank you for sharing them with all of us.


Kim said...

Great shots. It's so good to put more faces to names.

spiceghc said...

Look at all the food! Makes me hungry:)

Thanks for posting names with the photos, it is nice to put a face to the names we see all the time.

Anonymous said...

Your shots of heading to Cambria on Saturday are great. One of these times when we're in Paso we'll have to head up over the mountains to the coast!

nancyhol said...

I LOVE Cambria, Barb! When my folks were alive, I seriously wanted to move there to be close to Paso. I like Paso but it gets so darn hot in the summer.

Thanks for a great post about our Slow Bowl.

Sandrac said...

Great photos, Barb -- you must have all had so much fun!

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