Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Mother's Favorite Perfumes

Whenever I smell "Femme" I think of my mother. In junior high school I would sometimes put a little bit of it on my wrists. During the day I would breathe in the loveliness of this fragrance and think about how nice it smelled. It transported me.
To this day Femme reminds me of my mom. I also loved the packaging with that mysterious and sensual black lace. The shape of the bottle, the scent and the name "Femme" makes this perfume stand out in my memory.
In 1931, Marcel ROCHAS opened his fashion house to the 12 Matignon avenue. His customers were composed of many Hollywood stars, such as Carole Lombard, Marlène Dietrich, etc…For the actress Mae West, Marcel Rochas created a black wasp-waisted corset of chantilly. It appeared that her shapely figure inspired him to create this bottle of perfume "FEMME".At the request of Marcel Rochas in 1944, Edmond Roudnitska created the perfume " FEMME ". It was introduced to the public in 1945.

Composition of "Femme".

The other perfume that my mother chose was "Ma Griffe" by Carven. This remains a scent that I will often choose to wear. It reminds me of my mom and one of my college best friends, Yael. She always told her boyfriend if he was wondering what gift to buy her it could be a bottle of "Ma Griffe".
Carven - Designer History
Designer Carmen “Carven” De Tommasso founded French perfume, clothing and couture fashion house Carven at Rond Point des Champs Elysees in Paris in 1945. Madame Carven, born in 1909 in Châteauroux, France, was a small-framed woman, and initially garnered recognition for her specialization in petite women’s clothing and accessories. Her ultra-feminine designs, which often included lace and embroidery, shaped a fashion sense both delicate and elegant.
Carven - Designer Perfume History
Carven’s fragrance business was born soon after the fashion house, and instantly began to thrive. In 1946, Carven launched Ma Griffe, a sultry floral perfume featuring jasmine, green moss and musk, which met with great popular success.

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donna said...

My Mom's signature perfume was L'Air d'Temps.She received it from Dad every year for Mother's Day, Anniversary, birthday or Christmas.

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