Sunday, April 26, 2009

Allow the Wind to Fill Your Sails

Take risks,
you can never discover new oceans
unless you have the courage to lose sight
of the shore.


Lynda Dowlen said...

HI Barb, I want you to know I just spent the last 30 minutes catching up on your wonderful blogs... I feel so renewed after reading them.. you have such a way with words and pictures... this is your calling dear friend... Love, Lynda

menehune said...

Barb, lovely photo - I SO agree with you about taking risks. I think the adrenaline rush and the satisfaction of 'having tried' is the prime example of 'living'. Of course, I have been known to be a big baby too...hope you have a wonderfully renewed day, menehune

candi said...

Wonderful photo, Barb. And I agree with you. Taking risks in life, and on life, is the way to live it.

girasoli said...

Love this quote and love being on a boat.

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