Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Psychology of Fragrance

My mother's two favorite perfumes were: "Femme" by Marcel Rochas and "Ma Griffe" by Carven

The psychology of fragrance and romance:
Fragrance is one of the most powerful triggers for memory and emotion because it instantly recreates the experience associated with the scent. If you introduce a new fragrance to a new or existing romance, every time either partner smells that fragrance he or she will instantly relive the passion, fun, excitement and ecstasy of the initial romance with you – even if it is ten years after the romantic event or relationship. Once the brain has associated a positive emotion and experience with the fragrance, it becomes almost permanently imprinted in the brain and forever the fragrance will trigger those wonderful emotions and experience. Fragrance and scents are an even more powerful trigger for reliving memories and emotion than photos or touch.

In the same way that the whiff of a hotly baked apple pie might instantly carry you back to childhood, sitting by grandma’s side as she served up the hotly baked apple pie, so too, romantic fragrances can create eternal memories and associations of love and romantic moments & experiences.

Patrick Wanis PhD


candi said...


Laurie said...

It's SO TRUE. My mother's favorite fragrance was "Windsong."

Annie said...

Very interesting post!

Have you read the novel "Jitterbug Perfume" by Tom Robbins? So many fascinating details about fragrance in that book!

barb cabot said...

Annie, I haven't read this Tom Robbins book but now I will put it on my list of summer reads. Thank you, sounds very interesting.

girasoli said...

I wish I could enjoy perfume but it is like poison to me. I get incredibly sick - major migraines that could send me to the ER. My biggest fear sitting next to someone who is wearing perfume when flying.

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