Friday, April 17, 2009

Night in the City

Moons up

nights up

Taking the town by surprise

Night time

night time

Day left an hour ago

City light time

Must you get ready so slow

There are places to come from

and places to go

Night in the city looks pretty to me

Night in the city looks fine
"Night in the City"-Joanie Mitchell


Annie said...

Love the photo and the lyrics - it would be fun to spend a Friday night in a big city!

You mentioned that you love John Singer Sargent - you might already know this website but in case you don't, it's wonderful!

Have a great weekend!

barb cabot said...

Annie, I hope you have a great weekend too! Thank you for the Singer Sargent Website. I will take a look today! Cheers!

Laurie said...

Barb, after I read this I couldn't get the song by the same name by ELO out of my mind! Lovely cityscape. I love cities!

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