Thursday, April 9, 2009

Never a Dull Moment

Photo by Akihiro Furuta


candi said...

I had to laugh, Barb. When I was a kid, and would on occasion give my mom hard time, and get her all flustered(sorry mom), one of the things she used to say to me is to act normal. And I would always reply: It is boring:)

menehune said...

Mahalo for the chuckle~ Where do you find these things or is your brain working like this:-)Menehune

barb cabot said...

Candi, Good one! What a smart child you were. Bet your mom could not keep a straight face when you said that.

Menehune, blame it on a little warped humour! (lol)

girasoli said...

This photo cracks me up! Love the saying that you put with it.

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