Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Good Morning Palazzo San Gervasio!

Our B & B is so nice. There are three apartments for rent.   We are on the third floor and my sister and her husband  on the 2nd floor. Aria is staying with us before the wedding. Our spacious room accommodates the three of us easily.

 It was so much fun to wake up and be together for a morning coffee.    This is the view I woke up to on the first morning. The lovely countryside of the region  from one window

and the little town from the front window.

Our nice little kitchen

Jocelyn and Vicentes bedroom and kitchen on the 2nd floor

It was a beautiful first morning in Palazzo
Just a short walk to Daniele's parents home

Daniele comes to pick us up

Conveniently the Parruchiera (hair dresser) is right below us. The owner is the "star" stylist for the town and she will be the one who does Aria's hair for the wedding. She and her husband own the building and the B & B that we are staying at.

Scenes of the Daniele's town

Breakfast at Daniele's parents house.  Here is Filomena Daniele's wonderful mom with Aria

Friends Roberto and Raffaela arrive for the wedding from northern Italy.
 (Roberto is also a student in the Italian department at University of Wisconsin with Aria and Daniele).
Lots of wedding preparation to be done.  Aria is busy writing out place cards for the reception.

Later in the day we take a drive through the countryside to a town called Banzi

In Banzi we visit Daniele's sister in law Pina and her wonderful family.

What a nice visit and now we are off to lunch at Daniele's home  

Filomena is such a hard worker. She is constantly cooking for her big family
and all the out of town guests. Here Marino one of her sons helps out.
and then a visit to the wedding reception site at Villa Ester to check on last minute preparations. Busy Busy Busy.

After this it's a quick stop off at the hair dresser for a preview trial of the wedding updo.

Then off to meet my sister Jocelyn and Vicente who are arriving in town in the late afternoon.
On the way to the bus stop we bump into Daniele's nieces who help me find my sister.
Once we pick them up and get them settled it'll be a night of Pizza and merriment with other guests that are here for the wedding. Tune in tomorrow for that.

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