Friday, June 13, 2014

It Takes A Village-The Morning of The Wedding Day June 13, 2013

We got up early and headed to the wedding site at 8:00 a.m.  My cousins Pati, Jan and Pati's daughter Emiko along with my sister Jocelyn and my friend Mary were helping us hang the paper origami cranes. There were 1000 of them.  The guys, Mike, Daniele and Marino were setting up the wedding arch.  A busy morning indeed.
                                         The helpers Mary, Pati, Jocelyn,
                                         Emiko and Jan

After the very stormy weather last night we were quite afraid of what the weather would be like the day and night of the wedding. We woke up to a beautiful day which would remain so into the night.

Mike and Daniele putting the arch together
Lights on the arch
Some decorations for the arch, I think we're having too much fun!

The arch is done but meanwhile all the worker bees are inside hanging cranes

Starting to come together.. This is a big task!

After many hours the cranes are hung and everyone goes back to the hotel
 to get ready for the wedding at 4:00

Thanks to everyone that helped in the set up for the wedding.  It looked so beautiful and it did take a village!

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