Tuesday, June 17, 2014

One Down, One To Go

A recap of our adventures last June 2013
After a week at home following Aria and Daniele's wedding in Madison, Wisconsin we headed to Italy for   part 2 in the continuing wedding celebrations.

The fun continues Italian style!

First the flight from L.A. to Munich

Love to fly Lufthansa
I was carted around in the little transpo cart due to my newly broken toe
 and my pre surgery bad hip. Walking with an ugly black shoe and a cane.
Watched lots of movies on the flight over.

We loved the Munich airport with it's free coffee...
this is nice too. For those that smoke and those that don't 
want to inhale the smoke of others.

If you're tired you can rent one of these for a snooze

Next leg of the journey, we are off to Naples!

Bye Bye Munich!

We arrived in Naples and were met by Daniele and his brother Luciano. From Naples to Palazzo San Gervasio in the Basilicata region of Southern Italy it takes about two hours by car.  We settled into our B & B and had a good nights rest.  The adventure in Italy continues...

1 comment:

Stacy Brady said...

Viaggio Sicuro!
I sure hope that means Bon Voyage in Italian!
Enjoy! Stacy and Brian

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