Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pizza Italian Style With Friends

Everyone is arriving from all parts of Italy and the U.S. for the wedding and here is what it looked like on the evening of  June 25th, 2013 when friends and family gathered for dinner at a local pizzeria.

Jessica (from Florence) my sister Jocelyn and Aria

Mike and my brother in law Vicente
Pete and Deana from Montana 
(Aria did her semester in Italy with Deana who also went to Smith College)

Marino (Daniele's brother who studies at Rutgers University in New Jersey) and Luca from Florence

Mike having fun with his video camera
Gianfranco (Daniele's brother) and Giovanna

I'm so happy that my sister and Vicente could be with us

Mmmmm Pizza time!

Oh boy!

What a great day!  
Tomorrow is the Seranata and the traditional big pre wedding street party. 
Tune in for that.

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