Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Visit Home to Cleveland Part 1

During the early part of July we took a brief trip home to Cleveland Ohio to visit with Mike's mom, Lucy who is hospitalized and  not doing well.  It was time well spent with family.  Mike's uncle Dan and Aunt Lee also drove into town from Tennessee.  Our daughter Aria, her husband Daniele and their daughter 13  month old Sofia drove from Madison Wisconsin to spend the weekend with everyone as well.  There were many hospital visits to sit by Lucy's bedside, good visits with many family members and a wonderful graduation party for our niece Amanda. We enjoyed many meals and long heartfelt laughs and conversations. It was, as always, wonderful to be with our Ohio family.

 Aunt Lee and Uncle Dan arrived the same night we did.

 Mike, Barb and our sister in law Mary

 Mike's brother Rocky is very artistic.  He has just started to carve "Avocado Pits". That sounds pretty amazing doesn't it.  It certainly is!  Here he is showing  us some of his intricate carvings.

We missed Lucy's presence in her kitchen but we all gathered there for good family time together.

 We watched a video of Amanda's speech at her Graduation Ceremony

 We laughed at the way Sofia sleeps through it all

 We started out several mornings meeting at our favorite neighborhood restaurant "Joe's" for breakfast.

 Our two wonderful aunts Fifi (Lucy's older sister)  and Lee
 Me with Uncle Dan (Lucy's younger brother)

 After breakfast always a temptation to pass the bakery at Joe's.

 Fun continues around Aunt Fifi's kitchen table

 It doesn't matter if you've just eaten, Aunt Fifi is busy offering food. "Oh c'mon don't be shy!" She says. But "No, Aunt Fifi we just ate!" She's adorable.

Amanda and Mary took us for a ride to Edgewater park. We posed by one of the new Cleveland signs. I think they are really cool. People were lining up to take pictures by the sign. We waited our turn.

 After much debate about the best place to go for ice cream we ended up at "Sweet Moses"

(our trip to Ohio continues tomorrow, stay tuned)

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