Friday, July 22, 2016

A Visit Home To Cleveland Part 2

Continuing with our visit with family in Ohio...  the daily visits to be with Mike's mom in the hospital were staggered between relatives so we wouldn't all be there at once.
 Then we would gather for meals.

 Aunt Fifi and Mike
 the two brothers
 Rock, Amanda and Mary

 Aunt Lee, Uncle Dan and Aunt Fifi

The gang!

 The weather was beautiful hot but not too humid.
This is the hospital where Lucy was temporarily being treated.

 Rocky is a very dedicated son. He has been by Lucy's side and her advocate for the last three years since her stroke. His daily caring and devotion to his mother is unbelievably loving.

 After a long 10 hour drive to Cleveland Aria, Daniele and Sofia come directly to visit "Grandma Lucy"

Lucy asked to hold "Sofia" but she was not able. It was nonetheless a wonderful visit for Lucy and Sofia to be together.
The next day Sunday Aria, Daniele and Aunt Fifi attended the mass given in Italian at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.  Prayers were said by all for Lucy.
Then we had a wonderful day at Amanda's graduation party in the countryside of Vermilion, Ohio.  (see tomorrow's post for all the photos of this event.)

After the party  Aria, Daniele and Sofia spent the night at Lake Huron before heading home to Madison. It was a very quick trip but much appreciated.

 Their new car got its' first road trip

Happy and grateful to these three for making this long journey to be with us at this time.

With only a day and half left before we had to leave to go back to Long Beach we did a little touring ourselves and last minute family visits.
Aunt Marge and cousin Diane came to visit us on our last night.  Great to see them.

Rocky and Mary took us to  the Westside Market in downtown Cleveland which is always a fun adventure.

 Then we went to Edgewater park after lunch to visit Amanda at her job at the snackbar.

 She gave us the biggest scoops of ice cream! Thanks Amanda!

 From Edgewater Rocky drove us to Whiskey Island and  the newly renovated Coast Guard station.   The sleek station, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is an Art Deco jewel -- one of a handful of Cleveland buildings made in the style. It was designed to look like a ship by J. Milton Dyer, the prominent Cleveland architect who is also responsible for Cleveland City Hall.

 This is located on the Cuyahoga River which empties into Lake Erie

 On most mornings while we were in Cleveland Mike would take a walk in the valley by his home before going to stay with his mom at the hospital.  He has many fond memories of childhood days spent hiking and playing in these woods.  On the last day of our trip I went with him for a walk in the valley. Driving there a google car was behind us.  I wonder if we will be in any of their footage of the valley?

A walk with Mike in one of his favorite places in the world. 
 A very nice way to end an important trip home.

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