Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dinner with Arne

 The gift of travel

In the summer of 1971 when I first traveled to Europe with my cousins Ann and Nancy and another friend we met up with two Danish guys Arne and Freddy.  We met them at a campground in Rotterdam and spent a fun evening with them talking, sharing stories about our lives and drinking wine.  A week or so later we accidentally met up with them again in a campground in Paris.  We again shared stories, Paris pastries and wine.  We decided to travel with them for awhile and during the following weeks we all became dear friends.  When we went our separate ways we kept in touch through letters. For fifteen years there was an exchange of visits with our friends and family from both America and Denmark.  Thereafter, even though the passage of years stilted our correspondance we still maintained connections.  This year we received a call from Arne who now lives in Canada that he was coming to Los Angeles.  The following photos are of our reunion dinner.  It was a nostalgic night full of fond remembrances. One of the best benefits of travel is that it makes the world a smaller, friendlier, cozier place.

The original travelers Nancy, Arne, Ann and Barb

Vicente, Jocelyn, Ann, Elizabeth (Arne's daughter) Arne and Nancy

 Cheers to life long friends!

 A wonderful reunion of old friends around the globe.


salemslot9 said...

where's Freddy?

barb cabot said...

lol Freddy is alive and well in Denmark. We are all friends and keep in touch still.

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