Friday, July 15, 2016

Further Adventures of Tre Stagioni

More catch up with some Springtime adventures for our "Tre Stagioni" Group. We spent a fun filled day in April making a lot of mischief. Here's a peek: 

Thanks to our dear friend Marion who planned a whole fun adventure for us.

 Started the day at Marion's home where she showed us her latest painting. This time a delicate seascape in a shell.

Next out to lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant "Kabuki"

  Then a short drive to visit Marion's church  in Artesia, California

  Just around the corner and walking distance from her church is the very interesting "Little India" area on Pioneer Blvd. 

 A great shop is Bangle Bazaar. Filled with lots of fun accessories and bangles of all colors. 

  Then a fascinating shopping trip to the India market where we found lots of goodies.

 Last stop "Happy Hour" at B.J.'s a favorite of Marion's.

 Thank you Marion for a great day out in your neighborhood. 

 It's always "Happy Hour" when the tre stagioni are together!

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