Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Slow Stroll in Downtown Kirksville

The Kirksville Arts Center 
117 S. Franklin St.

We bought pizza to go one night from the place on the corner Pagliano's

We tried a variety of baked goods at the local bakery called "To Die For"


We had a lot of fun at this place called "Hidden Treasure"

 Our purchases included:

On the other hand we didn't like this place too much. You can't say we didn't give it a try.
 A few blocks from downtown is the University

We ate Greek food at  "The Greek Corner" one of the few ethnic eateries in town.

  Got to know the owners Voula and Stelios (Steve)  Laberis.  They both came from Greece years ago, then had restaurants in Chicago before buying a farm and raising their three children in Kirksville.

 and so in this way the days go by...

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