Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Just Another Day in Kirksville

Our visit to Kirksville had one main objective to spend time with Aria and  help her with Sofia. When we arrived just five days after Daniele Aria and Sofia had moved to their new home everything was set up beautifully as though they had been living in their new home for a long time. Also Sofia was starting her new daycare the week we arrived.  Our days began by playing with Sofia before school. That was fun and entertaining.

We loved watching her enjoy her breakfasts.  Then it was off to school for her.

After dropping Sofia at school we drove Aria to work at Truman.

 Many days we went shopping downtown...

 One time we went looking for a mini mall and found this place. Nothing inside. The non-existent mini-mall of Kirksville.

 This is a picture of Jocelyn which I love.  
She calls this place her "Upside down Parallel Universe". We keep thinking we should have made a documentary of our days in Kirksville. 


In the middle of the main square of Kirksville downtown sits the Court House. I loved this building. Architect Robert G. Kirsch designed this "new" courthouse as the original had burned down in 1865. The structure is Romaneque with broad arches, squat column clusters, rough faced stone masonry and massive hip roofs.    

Often almost daily we would grocery shop for the evening meal. 
  Early on we discovered Hy-Vee and we liked that grocery store. They had nice Anaheim chiles one day and so I bought some to make chile rellenos.

 Jocelyn had never been to a "Dollar Tree" store and there was one close to Hy-vees so we had fun shopping for cheap treasures there.

 We'd laugh a lot about whether it should be a day at Walmart, Hyvee or Aldi's.  We'd also plan what to eat for lunch and dinner.  Many days we ate tuna sandwiches

 We spent a lot of time watching the t.v. series "Shameless" . 

Sometimes when I'd be cooking I could hear Jocelyn yelling "Oh No! Don't do that!" and I'd later have to ask her what outrageous thing happened while I was cooking.  

 Here's our chile relleno dinner.

 Always exciting at the end of the day to pick up Aria and then Sofia and have the
girls back home with us. Sometimes I would take Sofia out on the back patio and we'd blow bubbles but it was often hot outside so we would only stay there for a short time. 

 When Sofia would come home she'd always be hungry for snacks.  Here's a cute picture of Jocelyn feeding her some goodies.

So went many of our days in Kirksville.

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