Sunday, October 16, 2016

Same Same

We had some funny encounters with people that live in Kirksville. 
We had seen one Chinese restaurant down town. The name of it is China Palace but the signage is old and lacking a few letters above the restaurant it reads: "Chin Lace".
 One night we felt like eating Chinese food and Jocelyn mentioned this to Aria. Aria said several of her students had said there was another restaurant other than China Palace that had better food.  There are not a lot of ethnic restaurants in Kirksville so we looked up Chinese Restaurants with yelp reviews and found one called the Great Wall. 
Joce said:  " where shall we order from?  "Chin Lace" or "The Great Wall".  We chose the latter though we love the idea of eating at a place called Chin Lace.

 We called in our order and then drove to pick it up The restaurant is about 5 minutes from downtown. When we got there we were surprised to see a tiny place with an ivy covered brick wall. It looked like a converted Taco Bell restaurant.  Inside a husband-wife team were behind the counter. No customers were inside.

 The woman came over and looked at my sister and me. She first looked at Jocelyn and then paused, then she looked at me. She was smiling and pointed at us and said, "Same, Same".  We now use that line when we talk to each other.  
Example: Jocelyn called me the other day and said "I got a haircut today. It kinda looks like yours....Same Same!"  

 PS We later found out that this is not the restaurant that the student said was better than Chin Lace. There is yet a third restaurant down the street from China Palace and that is supposed to be the best in Kirksville. 

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