Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Walmart Fiasco

The next day Jocelyn and I have a plan. After we drop Daniele off at the Cape Air Airport we are going grocery shopping. Aria tells us there are two bigger grocery stores. One is Walmart and the other is called HyVee.  Oh yes, there's a third smaller chain called "Aldi's".  We put Walmart into the GPS and we are on our merry way.  There are a handful of cars on the country roads. This is strange for me no traffic! Driving here is peaceful and easy. Looking to either side of me vast flat lands and  cornfields and not much else.  

 We keep driving, and driving and driving. First, through one tiny town called La Plata (locals say "La Play-ta), then further on to Macon Missouri. Gosh this seems awfully far to have to go to the grocery store.  We are now 35 minutes and two counties away from Kirksville. 

 As we reach a small town there is a very funny looking car in front of us. We know we are getting close, we are in a small town called Macon.

Finally the GPS says we've arrived at our destination. We are at Walmart, county of Macon about 35 miles outside of Kirksville. 

 That evening we  told Aria,  " you sure have to go far to shop for groceries." She said, "where did you go?  Walmart is five minutes from here!"  Turns out we chose the wrong Walmart address in the GPS! 

 Well tomorrow is another day and we will soon discover the closer store many times over.

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