Monday, October 3, 2016

A Trip to Kirksville Missouri

Up until this past June I had never heard of Kirksville, Missouri.     All of that changed when my daughter told me she had accepted a job at Truman State University located in that very place. They moved to their new townhome on August 11th and I arrived with my sister on August 16th to help her settle into her new surroundings and help out with her 1 year old daughter Sofia, my only grandchild. She started her job the day before we arrived and her husband had to leave for a trip out of the country the day after we arrived.  In the following days I will try to describe the adventures I experienced during our two week stay in Kirksville, Missouri and surrounding counties. 

But first a little about our flight to Kirksville.  We flew from Orange County airport to St. Louis. From St. Louis we had to take a small plane (8 passenger seats) on "Cape Air" to Kirksville. Fortunately it was a clear day, no wind and the ride was pleasant with a great view of the surrounding farmlands, corn fields and pleasant rural areas. We landed within the hour in the tiniest airport located in the midst of cornfields.
  Our tiny 8 passenger plane arrives safely.

 Our two week adventure begins.
Aria, Daniele and Sofia pick us up a little after we land and we are off on a short 10 minute ride from the airport to downtown Kirksville. 

 Our first siting of Truman University

 Finally arriving at the kids new townhome.

Time to settle in, unpack and play with Sofia. We have arrived!

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